My Best Moment in BNEC!

Hi everyone! Some of you might already know that I’m a board member of BNEC. It’s an english club at BINUS which has been awarded the achievement as The Best Student Organization in 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2014. Cool!

I’ve had a lot of wonderful experiences in BNEC, one of them is The 2014 Asian English Olympics (The 2014 AEO) It is BNEC’s most prestigious event every year where hundred participants from Asia compete in 7 fields: debate, speech, scrabble, spelling bee, short story writing, newscasting, and story telling. I absolutely had so much fun during The 2014 AEO 🙂 But I would like to share the best of the best moments I’ve ever had in BNEC, it’s not about The 2014 AEO.

It was on February 24, 2 days before I went to South Korea for student exchange program. I was asked what day I would be available to have dinner with BNEC members. At first we decided to have dinner at a restaurant but then I was told to just go to BNEC House at 7 pm. (it’s a house where we gather, hold meeting, and do the organization things). I came and I thought it would be just a simple gathering before I went to South Korea. When I entered the room, I saw so many BNEC members. Around 35-40 people I guess. It was absolutely crowded and what going on in mind was “wow these people are too kind to come here for me o_O how nice they are”. LOL.

What happened next made my jaw drop. Lol just kidding. But seriously, it was insanely surprising. It turned out that it was not just a gathering, but they made a small farewell party for me and Yvonne, a BNEC member who also went to Korea with me, but different univ. They prepared this very well, even with a project officer, committees, 2 MCs, rundown, games (the games were kinda embarrassing. Lol), foods, etc. I can’t mention one by one, it was too much! 😀


There was also the moment when the lamp was turned off and I was like “what? what’s going on?”. It happened that they prepared “martabak” (uhm it’s kind of Indonesian traditional cake. Idk how to explain this food. Lol) and put candles there. They asked me to make a wish before blowing the candles. Seems like it was my birthday. LOL.


What a memorable moment! I was speechless for a moment by how they showed their enthusiasm for this farewell. I never thought that there would be the day in my life that someone or even group of people would do this kind of thing for me, not even on my birthday. LOL.

Then they turned off the lamp again (lol) and prepared a projector to play a farewell video. It’s a video which each of them said goodbye and wished me have a great adventure in Korea and the last part of the video is the set of our photos during our special moments in BNEC.

Please watch the video here, it’s insanely touching but I managed to not shed my tears. Lol.

Last, we took photos together! They literally prepared a tripod and camera for this moment o_O Before I went back, everyone (not really everyone. lol) asked me to take selfies with them. Just for a moment I felt that I was such a famous person in the earth. LOL! It was done, I talked with them for few minutes then went back.

Then they day came. It was on February 26, the day to depart to South Korea! I went to the airport with my mom and aunty. When I already arrived at the airport, they asked me where I was at the airport, what terminal, what shirt colour I wore, etc. I thought they only asked me without any intention to come. “My flight will be at 11 pm. Who the hell are willing to come here for me at such time?”, that was in my mind. LOL.

Soon after I finished the airport checked in, I saw them. What the heck are you guys doin here o_O lol They were Erwin, Pipin (Elvina), Micco, Daniel, Jufery, Marissa, Karen, Efred, and Gunawan. Erwin went to South Korea last year so he gave me some advices (thank you!) and I still remember that Pipin gave me a huge bar of chocolate! I don’t like chocolate but thank you so much!! Never thought it was useful when I was hungry at my room :p It was a short meeting :(. Before I went to the immigrations, we took photos together and also a warm hug 🙂


I really appreciate all of the things they did to prepare the farewell party and also willing to come to the airport despite the fact that I only left for 4 months which for me is a short period. But they made it like I would leave forever. LOL. Just kidding, I really appreciate it, thank you so much for everything, extraordinary BNEC 🙂



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