College Life at Inha University, South Korea

Hi everyone! I’d like to share about my college life at Inha University, South Korea.
All my friends (in Indonesia) who saw my social media updates (photos, places I checked in, etc) said that I had my 4-month vacation in Korea instead of studying there. Lol. I can’t deny their saying but I was there as a student so I also studied and took exams. I swear. Lol.

College life at Inha Univ is so much cooler than my home univ. Lol. It takes me 7-10 minutes to walk from the dormitory. Inha is freaking huge and there are plenty buildings and student clubs for every major. I love the environment, it’s very captivating. There’s a plane (korean air) at the yard and we usually did 잔막 (janmag) there. We gathered under the airplane (yeah, under the airplane!) to eat some snacks or chicken and drink 막걸리(maggeolli) or 맥주 (maegju). You also can play volleyball at the yard, sleep under the airplane, or do whatever you want. Lol. Great way to cultivate the friendship!

When it is spring season, you can see beautiful cherry blossom trees and there is a lake (인경호/ ingyong ho) with swans and fishes. Me and my friends usually talked inside 팔각전 (palgagjeong) for hours 😀 There are 2 friends of mine (I know you guys will read this, Mariana and Ian! LOL) who said that apparently the swans aren’t real, but they are robot, made by mechanical engineering students years ago. I was so stupid that I believed their saying till it was my last day in Korea, they came with me to the airport and they finally told me that they lied. DANG! I was too innocent to believe it because technology in Korea grows rapidly, so, who knows it might be true? Lol.


The college life at inha is pretty fascinating, the professors teach professionally and korean students study really hard. Yeah I mean really hard. No words to explain it better. Too unusual for me. Lol. You won’t see such thing happens in my country. Lol. Campus is open for 24-hour and at midnight you can see there are still so many students walking around campus, studying at classroom and library, and when it comes to exam week, some students sleep at campus (usually at library) because they study hard for exam.

You know what else makes me like the college life? It’s how the students dress. I think the campus regulation of how we dress isn’t that strict. I can wear very short pants/skirt and flip flops there! However, I never wore flip flops when I was there. Lol. In my home university, I can’t dress like that. I can’t even enter the gate cause the security will prohibit me. Lol. Well, different culture. I once posted a photo of me with my professor (basic korean) and my Indonesian friends asked me how I could wear short pants inside the campus instead of asking me about the course. Funny. Lol.

I took 6 courses at Inha (pretty frustrating sometimes. lol). See? Told ya I was a student there, not a 4-month tourist! Lol. One of them is basic korean. I love this course so much because it’s useful and I’ve improved my korean skill a lot. Learning language is appealing 🙂 One more thing, the professor 권진최 (Gwon-jin Choi) of this course is so funny. This is what makes it more interesting. LOL. I met other exchange students who become my friends at this class.

Another course is software engineering. I was in a team with 2 korean students for every meetings and our projects. We had 3 projects and I sometimes did the presentation in front of the professor. I can’t speak korean well but we still managed to be a good team 🙂 Too bad I didn’t take picture with them. Next time I will (if I meet them again). Lol. This course is also interesting because I could be friend with my classmates which are korean students. Well, it’s not easy to make friends with korean students at other courses I took, so I love this course.

Anw, these are the 2 most common questions I got from my friends in Indonesia.
1. “What language is used at class?”
It’s english, the professors taught us in english. Well, sometimes the professors translated it into korean for korean students. But 80% is english. My korean is poor so I didn’t have any guts to choose courses taught in korean. Lol.

2. “How do you code? What language? Do you code in korean?”
This question is kinda weird and confusing (no offense). Fyi I’m a computer science student and of course I code using programming languages, how do I code using korean? What do you mean?

To end this post, I’d like to say that I had so much fun being an exchange student at Inha more than you could imagine despite I got frustrated sometimes. Lol. Nevertheless, having friends from all around the world (I have friends from approximately 25 countries I guess?) is a remarkable experience. Thank you so much to everyone who made my college life at Inha extremely awesome!
If you have any questions about Inha, let me know! 🙂





  1. Jennifer · August 25, 2015

    Very inspired !!!
    希望有一天我也能做到这些 😊


  2. gerz2405 · August 25, 2015

    jen, did you know, you can code in arabic. So Korean might not be impossible :3


  3. Asalia Widjaja · March 19, 2017

    Hello there! I actually want to apply there. But unfortunately, parents wont allow unless I have friends to go from indonesia c”: so perhaps if you don’t mind, any tips to convince them that itll be alright to go alone for sumschool / do you have anyone you know who are going there too for this year? Thankyou in advance !


    • Jennifer Laura · March 20, 2017

      hi, I dont know anyone who are going there this year but I have some Indonesian friends who currently pursuing masteral and doctoral degree in Inha, they will help you there!


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