An Enchanting Letter From a Friend to Me

         Recently I had a conversation with a friend who then wrote me a letter as the way of showing the thankful feeling of knowing me as a friend. *blushed* The letter is about the  judgment toward me before getting to know me, even before seeing me in person. That friend then revealed that it turns out I’m such an inspiration after knowing me (inspiration? really?!). My life hasn’t been a fairy tale and it’s still not. Even the thought of sharing my life journey with strangers makes me feel so vulnerable. Yet, I was beyond excited to read the letter (I am still) and I think I should share that enchanting and beautiful letter here! 😉  Originally written by the person, here it is…

To: Jennifer Laura

February 16, 2016

Judgment and Inspiration

From a note hanging around the corner….

On my earlier days as a child, I felt like a square peg in the round hole. As silent  on the world that can’t stop talking. Am I different? Why can I lighten up the conversation just like everyone else? How can I prefer to read in my room while the other is exploring the  universe… touching it… feeling it… by all the sense they have.

As I figure out later in my life, the term introvert (Pronunciation: /ˈɪntrəvəːt/ A shy, reticent person.), I started to accept myself just the way I am. Accepting the fact that it’s  completely okay not to be perfect nor has I have to become who I’m not. I began to understand that everything has its ups and downs. Being an introvert opens up an endless possibility of exploring the world, not as same as our extrovert companion for sure, but not less beautiful than how they do it! We may live in our mind most of the time, as we rarely seek outside our sanctuary. But never for a sec, think that we cannot go outside nor we can enjoy a moment with some of our good friends. We live our life, just not the way most extraverted people do. And it’s okay not to be that kind of perfect.

How about the long admired Extrovert that once in my childhood I dreamed to become? Nope, I don’t care much anymore. Indeed I’m feeling quite miserable to live that kind of life… the life of having too many friends, yet I only need some whom I can rely on. The life of having so many events going on simultaneously, yet I care for intimacy not frequency. Sometimes… I even feel pity for them.. for that such way of life without true friendship, true bond, and true… meaning.

And so… my twist came at the most unexpected moment. The moment I thought I’ve grown old enough to the point there will be no more debate over extra x intra version. As I’ve chosen the introvert way. As every good story begins the moment I met her. The most extroverted girl I’ve yet to come…

I have been hearing rumours everywhere about her… being an activist or that sort of things everywhere I can put my eyes on. The first thought that came to my mind was “How can she live like that? she must be overdoing things… is she a unicorn without endless need of socializing? an attention whore?” (this term was later learned from her #LOL) Yet I haven’t got to meet her personally nor there exist any urge to do so. And she remains nothing in my life, just another fuse that has gone when nobody cares any more.

I somehow got the chance to meet her in person. At first, I kinda missed the point that she’s the super extroverted person who gets the center of the spotlight. Then finally, I realized it’s her… Don’t care any much yet can’t ignore her any much. She got a charisma I can assure you that. She can make people come around her. A kind of magnetic field is around her. A magnet that keeps everybody around her, without her even realizing it.

After quite some times, I started to interact with her. Not much a problem since she’s not overdoing things as I’m afraid before. Yet she doesn’t talk that much and gossip all the time like every others, and so we become friends.

One night, something good happened. She caught my mind with the deep understanding and wit about philosophy, religion, and that sort of things! I thought philosophy, deep  perspective was special trait made to be understood by introvert only. And that’s the one thing  I’m proud of as being an introvert. But her! The extrovert has it too. It’s extremely rare to find someone to talk about this sort of things even among the introverts . and clearly I didn’t expect an extrovert like her will be the one I can talk to.

And so i began to change my mind, no… she began to change my mind.

The story continues as our friendship grows. We had an adventure with some of our great friends, a moment that was kinda rare to happen in my life to enjoy life with someone I’ve met not so long ago. And my respect to her grows each and every day yet to pass.

I once was invited to come to her hall of memories (read: her room). What amazed me was there’s a dozen… no even more literally the wall is full of her memories and token from her friends. Bunch of letters, post cards, photos, gifts, and other stuffs are all on her wall! Quite remarkable on which can make me drop my jaw for the longest period of time. She completely has written over my wrongly believe system “Having lots of friend, but not true friend”. My whole point of view about the extrovert had changed once and for all.

She appreciates her friends more than any introvert or extrovert I have known before. She even remembers and pointed directly her most favourite gift so I could see. She smiled brightly showing how happy she was… purely, from each token that her friends gave her. She treasures it and yet she has inspired me.

And so my life has been changed. By a simple modest yet undoubtedly energetic person, a lovely person indeed. To be inspired is great, but to be an inspiration is an honor. Be somebody who makes everybody feel like a somebody.


*P.S.: Now he is my boyfriend




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