Letting Go of Grief pt. I


This morning I woke up, checking my phone, and my finger stopped scrolling down. There were messages from my family. Bunch of them. That moment I knew that my grandmother had already passed away. Heavenly Father took her back. I shed my tears with my phone still on my hand. I felt like my heart was ripped out of my chest.

I got flashbacks from things I don’t want to remember. It was 4 years ago. It also happened exactly the same. I woke up in the morning, saw my mother crying so loud. She came to me and told me that my grandma had already passed away. I shed my tears. Speechless.

Bad morning to start my day. Read More


Spiritual Odyssey


Today was a very remarkable day. Me and my friends (3 of us) did a hurried-yet-great state-of-the-art presentation this morning. On which as soon as we finished, we immediately left the class while everyone was still there(sorry guys :p). For what “Heavenly” reason did we need to go? Let me tell you…

I’ve always dreamed of going to a Catholic Cathedral Church. After all, I went to Catholic school (elementary, high, and senior high school. Yes,straight 12 years of my life!). So I used to go to a Catholic Cathedral Church in my city quite often, roughly 4-6 times in a year. But since I graduated from SHS, I never went to any Catholic Cathedral Church, so yeah I really… really…… wanna go there, I miss those moments. Read More

JavaScript – Fundamental

Client-Side Programming

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JavaScript adalah bahasa pemograman web yang bersifat Client Side Programming Language. Client Side Programming Language adalah tipe bahasa pemograman yang pemrosesannya dilakukan oleh client. JavaScript dikembangkan oleh NetBeans Communications. Bahasa ini dapat dikombinasikan dengan tag HTML dan dapat membuat suatu web menjadi lebih dinamis dan interaktif. JavaScript berfungsi untuk menampilkan pesan, melakukan validasi, perhitungan, animasi, dan fungsi programming lainnya. Read More