Spiritual Odyssey


Today was a very remarkable day. Me and my friends (3 of us) did a hurried-yet-great state-of-the-art presentation this morning. On which as soon as we finished, we immediately left the class while everyone was still there(sorry guys :p). For what “Heavenly” reason did we need to go? Let me tell you…

I’ve always dreamed of going to a Catholic Cathedral Church. After all, I went to Catholic school (elementary, high, and senior high school. Yes,straight 12 years of my life!). So I used to go to a Catholic Cathedral Church in my city quite often, roughly 4-6 times in a year. But since I graduated from SHS, I never went to any Catholic Cathedral Church, so yeah I really… really…… wanna go there, I miss those moments.

It all was started last February when my Vietnamese friend visited Jakarta to meet me and my friends, he had a special request, which was visiting the Catholic Cathedral Church in Jakarta. Unfortunately, I couldn’t take him there. He went there on his last day in Jakarta with a friend (without me 😦 ).Ever since then, my desire to go there grew bigger and BIGGER every day.

I somehow began to tell my friends how I really wanna go there and kept asking them to go with me. Lol. Unfortunately we are too busy to make time for it 😦 So we decided to go there after mid exams. This morning before we started our presentation, all of a sudden, a friend urged to go there, so that’s the “Heavenly” reason why we left the class as soon as finishing the presentation :p . He made my dream came true!!

I can’t exactly describe how I fell, I was too excited, high actually, since the very beginning of the moment we finally arrived there. I was so amazed yet thrilled (I am still ! ) of how beautiful the architectural design is from the inside. As soon as I when I went inside, woahhh! It is more than beautiful! On a scale from 1 to… even… I can’t. I adore it immeasurably. The art, building, furnishings, architectural & interior design, frescos, mosaics, concepts, history,  ecclesiastical things (google it yourself to find out what all of those terms means :p ), everything… everything is undeniably astonishing.


I somehow then managed to find a museum inside the Church (it’s like finding a door to Narnia). We went in and kept our eyes on the ecclesiastical things inside the museum.  Legacy, books, clergy stuffs, liturgical stuffs, vestments, lamps, paintings, etc. All of them are appealing yet historical and artsy (and again go google it yourself). So interesting and breath taking.

Beyond all of it, I love how I found peace when I was inside the Church. It fell like I let myself silently drawn into the peaceful atmosphere and I somehow magically turned to be calm and quiet than usual (my friends always say I am noisy and hyperactive. LOL). True inner peace of mind & heart and presence of Christ were there for real.



The ‘odyssey’ hasn’t ended yet. We then had our lunch at a restaurant recommended by my friend, called Mimoosa, located at Kelapa Gading, Jakarta. After that, we felt that 1 Church wasn’t enough to feed our faith, so we decided to go to another Church :p We went to Stella Maris Church at Pluit, Jakarta.


Stella Maris Church has significant differences with Catholic Cathedral Church. It looks simple and very usual from the outside but I was impressed the moment I stepped inside. An oval plan and complex section makes the side aisle quite compelling in form. Liturgically traditional in configuration, the interior has a very contemporary spatial reading. The teak pews and stone floor provide a solid base for the light and airy teak wood slats that give form to the curvaceous layers of light and airy volume of the nave. The slats filter the harsh tropical light to provide a soft illumination during the day and at night provide equally soft warm reflected light from the perimeter cove.



Fabulous interior architecture. Yes indeed! Over the years, I’ve compiled a list of things I love to see. To be clear, Church is my list and I wish to visit more.  It’s not based on what spiritual seekers want. It’s just me. When I visit a Church I want a genuine expression of peace. I want to seek a closer relationship with God through Christ. If going to Church strengthens that relationship, by all means, go.


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