You Know You’ve Grown Up When

1. You know you’ve grown up when you are reading this list!

2. You know you’ve grown up when none of the things you want for Christmas can be bought at the stores.

3. You know you’ve grown up when the older you get, the more death you’ll witness and you went to the funeral of your grandma. You understand death and loss.

4. You know you’ve grown up when you can go wherever you want without asking your mom first. You tell her you’re going somewhere far away next week out of nowhere. Norway, Alaska, Cape Town, name it. Read More


No one has the right to judge the pain inside of your heart. They are not the ones who sit by your bedside when you cry yourself to sleep at night. They are not the ones who carry the mountains on your shoulders as you get through the day. They are not the ones who are wondering where your happiness went. They are not the ones aching to smile again. No one should ever judge a pain they’ve never felt. Those who love you don’t judge you. They listen to you. They understand you. And they love the pain out of you. They dont try to beat the pain out of you by denying you the right to feel it. You have the right to feel the pain.

Uncomfortable in the Comfort Zone

Are we really comfortable where we are in life, or are we just settling because we don’t believe we can get any better?  Most people I have met try to portray that they are comfortable, yet once they really open up it seems there are many things that they wish they could achieve or attain. Every time someone asked me how I was, I would reply with the words ‘not bad’ or ‘okay’. For a long time I thought I was lying to myself.

Thank You

Thank you for the times you have shown my heart what it feels like to be cared for.

Thank you for all the nights my tears running through my face, the nights when I felt so misunderstood, the nights when I was afraid and terrified.

Thank you for the tough lessons. Read More