Thank You

Thank you for the times you have shown my heart what it feels like to be cared for.

Thank you for all the nights my tears running through my face, the nights when I felt so misunderstood, the nights when I was afraid and terrified.

Thank you for the tough lessons.

Thank you for showing me how to heal and how to be on my own.

Thank you for building my strength, day by day, even when I felt I was only getting weaker.

Thank you for never leaving, and promising to stay by my side forever.

I am not perfect. I am sometimes selfish. Occasionally self destructive. I feel like I’m always broken inside and there’s always something that I need to fix. Yet, sometimes I feel like, “Am I good enough?”. I’m constantly thinking to fix things because I, myself, a broken piece that I gotta fix. Thank you for reminding me that it’s okay not to be okay.

For listening when I poured my heart out, for guiding me when I lost my footing, for being a source of inspiration and trust, for reminding me that I am loved… thank you 🙂

I’m writing this because I mean it.


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