Thank You

Thank you for the times you have shown my heart what it feels like to be cared for.

Thank you for all the nights my tears running through my face, the nights when I felt so misunderstood, the nights when I was afraid and terrified.

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Later, Next Time, Future Plans

It’s always “later, next time, future plans“, along with other reasons from time to time and a year after another. I, too, have too many things and plans that I want to. The main problem is everyone thinks they always have enough time and we always wait for “the right time”. I learn to take and live each day and never take moments for granted, for time stops for no one and tomorrow may never come….. Read More

Internet and SSL

IP Addresses

Web Browsers and servers

  • Satu set jaringan area lokal terhubung melalui jaringan yang luas.
  • Tidak ada kontrol terpusat atau manajemen
  • Segmen jaringan interkoneksi melalui router.
  • TCP / IP adalah protokol universal data pada jaringan.
  • Format aktual, konten yang tersisa untuk protokol tingkat tinggi, seperti Web (HTTP).

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JSP and JavaBeans

An Introduction to JavaBeans


  • mengurangi jumlah Java code dan membuat non-programmer lebih mudah dalam membuat JSP yang bekerja dengan business class.
  • dapat menggunakan tag JSP yg spesial saat koding sebuah class yang mendefinisikan JavaBean atau bean

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